A nice story, a story of passion, a story of love.


Vagati is an artistically bold, contemporary, curious and out of the ordinary state of mind.

Founded with a unique signature “It’s all about energy” that rhymes with the language of energy and the expression of mood. For Vagati, art is about creating emotions and conveying well-defined feelings for each creation. The combination of materials and color schemes are more than ever put on a pedestal, to give birth to designs combining aesthetics and style, matching the desires and attitudes of wearers.

Far from being a simple accessory, the models are the result of an extensive research, made to match the spirit of the times with a refined aesthetic that evokes elegance, creativity and energy.

Our  Pledge

Art as expression

The master words of vagati’s collections are avant-garde, impressionist and pointillist.

Vagati innovates in a fertile alchemy between geometric cuts, colors and materials.
The strength of designs lies in her passion for innovation, in terms of aesthetics, technique and materials. Thanks to the deep knowledges and the application of ancient know-how, vagati offers unusual eyewear creations that play on the registers of fashion and artistic lines.

Without extravagance, the models embody the love of beautiful objects, with meticulous details, made with care and passion.

Undeniably timeless, Vagati’s creations draw their origins in the desire to offer a creative and chiseled haute couture spirit. Her fashion is visionary, young, dynamic and colorful, dedicated to the affirmed identities and the original personalities. To a daring and demanding customers looking for modern designs and cutting-edge fashion.

“Vagati is a way to express your attitude, to say how you are without having to speak”

Mood Label

«Color rhymes with mood » each color is associated with a well defined type of feeling. We use everyday expressions that reflect the connection between colors and emotions: "la vie en rose", "The green of hope". Each color has its field of action within our emotional palette. Like a painter, we choose unconsciously the colors that correspond to us in our place but also daily in the choice of the clothes and the accessories that we wear.

Our Logo

Gingko Biloba leaf, symbol of power and love.
Mysterious, aesthetic, from ancient origins, symbolises hope and determination. It inspires us to continue to be who we are creative, sensitive, intuitive, and connected to the world around us.


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