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VAGATI is born with a signature that comes out of the ordinary “It’s all about energy “. Baptized THE LANGUAGE OF ENERGY.

VAGATI is moving towards the mysteries of the subconscious and the power of
consciousness, is eager to learn and explore the world and its components.
Seeks to study and deepen the notion of vibrational shapes and colors energy,
and above all to emphasize more than ever on the creation of emotions and meanings.


A  collection that is distinguished by its chic, fashionable and urban style.
Inspired by geometric abstraction, the ultimate contemporary art, which draws its origins from abstract expressionism, looks for purity and simplification through the use of geometric shapes.
We believe that fashion is an eternal beginning and that the history of fashion
is the best source of inspiration, that’s why the vintage spirit inspires us continually.


« Color rhymes with mood » each color is associated with a well defined type of
We use everyday expressions that reflect the connection between colors and
emotions: “la vie en rose”, “The green of hope”.
Each color has its field of action within our emotional palette.
Like a painter, we choose unconsciously the colors that correspond to us in our place but also daily in the choice of the clothes and the accessories that we wear.


Quality, creativity and elegance are the master words of Vagati's collections,
with a pure, refined and expressive design.
Surrounded by an expert team VAGATI has developed a MOOD LABEL to give birth to a mood collections, each design and style evoke a sense and a feeling.
In search of the hidden meaning, Vagati defines itself as the creator of sunglasses for the mood, created with passion for those who like to communicate visually.



Inspired by art, energy, architecture and cultures.
Find your perfect pair and carry your mood around with vagati's designs, a selection of glasses designed with love. Timeless cat eye, vintage round shapes, chic D-frame, and modern aviators for unique style.


Perfect combination of performance, function and design.
We combine colors and materials to create neat frames that surpass the wave of vintage and timeless, with a perfect finish and a richly varied choice of sunglasses with imposing characters.


Vagati is more than just a color, a culture or quality. It's vector of emotions and feelings, it's a way to express yourself through your accessories. Our newest collection explores powerful femininity and an optimistic nostalgia for 90's trends.